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A temporary provision of BPLab Vasotens® equipment for clinical trials and academic research under favorable conditions is possible under agreement with the company representatives.
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Software BPStat® is used for data management of biomedical tests performed by BPLab® devices. The given software saves researchers’ time and excludes human errors during a manual data input. The test results can be easily exported to the desired program, for example, to MS Excel.

The program enables a tabulation of the data with blood pressure and pulse wave parameters – from single in-office measurements to multicenter data arrays. Mean values, variability and other parameters of central and peripheral pressure, and arterial stiffness can be represented both as a single line for each patient, and in a form of multiline arrays containing tracking. Cost-effectiveness is achieved by delivering only a standard BPLab 24-hour ABPM monitor to research centers; at the same time, the corresponding software set is supplied to the data management center, which enables an assessment of thousands of BPW-files using Vasotens® technology at once. The test results can be easily exported to the desired program, for example, to MS Excel. BPStat® will be appreciated by those who deal with statistics, and research 24-hour blood pressure profiles and new parameters: from PhD students to SAS developers.


Vasotens® Technology is a modern technology of pulse wave assessment by oscillometry.

It was designed for a non-invasive assessment of the parameters of:

  • central blood pressure
  • arterial stiffness.

Data source:

Oscillometric cuff blood pressure measurement records.

Software implementation:

  • Clinically validated as a part of BPLab® software;
  • Cloud-based service SaaS “Vasotens®”;
  • Integration into telemedicine services;
  • Implementation with other manufacturers of blood pressure devices.

Fields of application:

  • Risk stratification. For stratification of risk of hypertension, it is recommended to assess arterial stiffness by estimating pulse wave velocity.
  • Isolated systolic hypertension. Isolated systolic hypertension in youth is an acute problem nowadays. Vasotens® technology provides an easy-to-use combined measurement procedure of peripheral blood pressure and central blood pressure instead of two operations – in order to confirm or to exclude ISH-diagnosis in children and adolescences.
  • Drug therapy control. Different types of medical drugs have a different impact on central blood pressure. Central blood pressure control is very important to perform to avoid target organ damage in hypertensives.
  • Masked hypertension detection.

A condition when a measuring device shows blood pressure values exceeding the actual parameters by 20-30 mm Hg can be observed in older people who suffer from arterial calcification, but rarely it may also occur in younger people.

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