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Why choose BPLab®?

  1. BPLab® is the leading Russian 24-hour ABPM manufacturer since 1994.
  2. Full production cycle: from development and test performance to assembly and devices calibration.
  3. Vast export potential:
    - 24-hour ABPM test is the most accurate method for hypertension diagnosis and drug therapy control. 24-hour ABPM test is the compulsory method in the current guidelines of the following international cardiology scientific societies: ESH (European Society of Hypertension), ESC (European Society of Cardiology), BIHS (British and Irish Hypertension Society), NICE (National Institute of Clinical Excellence, UK), ISC (International Society of Cardiology), AHA (American Heart Association), ACC (American College of Cardiology).
    - Economic factor: Ministries of health of all countries fully accept the fact that cardio-vascular prevention is more manageable and cost-effective than treatment and recovery of citizens after CV-events.
    - Export to more than 50 countries all over the world. Constant product availability and well-tuned logistic channels. BPLab GmbH is our own representative and warehouse in EU (Germany).
    - Availability of international certificates: ISO 13485, CE (European Union), TGA (Australia), registration certificates for Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Serbia, certificates INMETRO / ANVISA for Brazil (in process); the receipt of an FDA-certificate for the Northern American market is in sight.
    - Fast adaptation to local market requirements (Software localization, quick integration into online / offline applications upon a customer’s request, after-sales support).
    - Potential growth in production – in 2019 the BPLab company production volume was practically doubled.
    - High quality and reliability of BPLab 24-hour ABPM systems (BPLab Standard and BPLab Compact 2) at an attractive price.
    - Blood pressure accuracy according to BHS-protocol in 3 groups of patients (general group of patients, pediatric population and pregnant women) and ESH-2002 (general group of patients and pregnant women) was confirmed in peer-reviewed medical journals and on the web-platforms: stridebp.org, medaval.ie, dableducational.org, bihsoc.org .
    - Features (small size, light weight, colourful display, manual programming (4-preinstalled measurement plans), Bluetooth, SD-card, interface USB / mini USB; software Vasotens Office / Vasotens 24 for pulse wave analysis with no additional inflation step (assessment of central blood pressure, arterial stiffness parameters; ABI), body position and activity sensors, low noise, adaptive measurement algorithm.
    - Telemedicine solutions. BPLab system was integrated into Tholomeus (Italy) telemedicine platform. Similar integration operations were conducted in Russia and Finland.
    - Software support for DICOM, HL7, GDT/BDT-interfaces.
    - Unique online-platform SaaS “Vasotens” is available for independent manufacturers of 24-hour ABPM devices and home blood pressure monitors. This online solution enables processing of central BP and arterial stiffness (pulse wave velocity, augmentation index) parameters based on the received oscillometric curve recordings.
    - OEM-application. BPLab Compact 2 device is now partially OEM-applicable (application of a partner company logo on the case and in the display at a device start). The development of a fully OEM-applicable 24-hour ABPM device is in the process.
    - OEM solution “BPLab Twin” for 24-hour Holter ECG device manufacturers. 3 channel ECG with 24-hour blood pressure results and 24-hour PWA assessment.
    - Participation in academic studies (IIS) (Triple A, Vasotens Registry) and clinical trials (HOMAGE). Useful software solutions for CRO and CRA (BPStat, BPCompare).

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