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Depending on the area of application, the following implementation projects for BPLab Vasotens products can be carried out:


  1. Implementation into Hospital Information Systems (HIS). BPLab systems support HL7, GDT and DICOM-interfaces. (See the instruction how to integrate BPLab into HIS).
  2. Due to the available SDK, owned and registered by our company, BPLab devices can be implemented into telemedicine platforms (e.g. the Italian web-based telemedicine platform “Tholomeus”: https://www.tholomeus.net/Default.aspx )
  3. Holter Wanted! BPLab Twin unit is a perfect OEM-solution for Holter-manufacturing companies who are interested in having their own ABPM-device in their products’ portfolio. Easy integration into a third-party Holter-software, one page report for 24-hour ECG and 24-hour ABPM. (ссылка на BPLab Twin). As a unique advantage, you may get a 3-in-1 device under your own trademark. The integrated into your Holter software BPLab Twin system can perform a Holter ECG (3 channel) and 24-hour ABPM plus 24-hour pulse wave assessment (central BP and arterial stiffness).

    SaaS Vasotens. A unique offer for other manufacturers of ABPM or HBPM devices: after a particular data format update, your devices will be able to perform a central blood pressure assessment due to the validated technology “Vasotens” – with the use of the online-platform SaaS Vasotens. The tariffs of subscriptions fees are very flexible and affordable. No personal data except native oscillometric curves is

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