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The system BPlab enables a simultaneous measurement of arterial blood pressure both in the upper and lower limbs with the registration of pulse waves.
The recorded sphygmograms are processed and analyzed by the Vasotens Office+ software based on the validated Vasotens® technology.

The system BPlab enables measurement and assessment of:

  • Ankle-brachial index (ABI);
  • Arterial blood pressure both in arms and legs;
  • Directly measured pulse wave veloctity (PWV brachial-femoral / aortic / carotid-femoral);
  • Central blood pressure (SYSao, DIAao, MBPao);
  • Augmentation index (AIx peripheral / AIx aortic);
  • Ejection duration;
  • Pulse pressure amplification (PPA);
  • Blood pressure asymmetry.
  • angio

    The delivery set of the multi-cuff system BPlab includes:

  • The stationary measuring unit with 4 pneumatic channels
  • Colourful cuffs for arms and legs
  • Software Vasotens Office+
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